“The creator of HYPNOSIS REVERIES perfectly integrates imagination and new technology with VR, takes root in modern cities, and deeply explores the social reality facing young people today. It is a rare reflection and expression in Chinese works.”

Sandbox Immersive Festival

“HYPNOSIS REVERIES is full of metaphors. If the experiencer pays close attention, there are so many subtle details. Experiencers have different interpretations of these little details because of their different life experiences.”

VR Tuoluo  (Industy Media)

“A lot of people just walked in, probably thinking they were playing a game or solving a puzzle. But as you play, at some point you realize that there’s a moral behind this, there’s a deeper meaning behind this.”

Blow Your Mind  (Podcast)

“The first time I went into HYPNOSIS REVERIES, into that virtual but lifelike world, I was a little bit excited and scared. It felt like the world that the hero of the movie SOUL suddenly fell into. I was excited about the new world before me, but I was afraid that I would not return to the real world that I had not prepared to leave.”

I AM  (Cultural Media)

“The elements of HYPNOSIS REVERIES are extremely abstract and minimalist, pointing directly to the basic forms in the Platonic world of logic. It is this purity that separates one from the complexity of the sensory world and produces spiritual experiences in addition to physical ones. All worldly distractions are eliminated, leaving only the most essential existence and thinking. This is the power of what is often called ‘less is more’.”

Zinn  (Artist)

“In HYPNOSIS REVERIES, I feel the creator’s inner demand for order, pursuit of perfection and justice, and desire for security. Although confused, hesitated, closed, but also have the desire and strength to break the convention. Do these feelings belong to the creator? Or me?”

Haha  (Audience on Douban)

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