HYPNOSIS REVERIES is a 20-minute virtual reality exploration experience, takes an abstract and minimalist approach to tell a story about growing.

Winner of the Best Chinese Work at the Sandbox Immersive Festival 2021.
Official Selection of Panorama Unit at the 11th Beijing International Film Festival.


Based on Jessien’s interdisciplinary research in VR related fields over the past decade, HYPNOSIS REVERIES takes an abstract and minimalist approach to tell a story about growing.

Through a 20-minute exploration experience, you will step into a mental maze, looking back at the important moments that changed you, and see yourself again.

The inspiration of this work comes from Jessien’s real life experience in Shenzhen over the past years. As a creator and entrepreneur, he experienced the collision of dream and reality in this city.

* HYPNOSIS REVERIES is originally a large-space VR experience using a redirected walking algorithm invented by Jessien.

** The current version available on Quest Lab/Store is a remade version, supporting Standing and Sitting modes.

“The creator of HYPNOSIS REVERIES perfectly integrates imagination and new technology with VR, takes root in modern cities, and deeply explores the social reality facing young people today. It is a rare reflection and expression in Chinese works.”

Sandbox Immersive Festival

“HYPNOSIS REVERIES is full of metaphors. If the experiencer pays close attention, there are so many subtle details. Experiencers have different interpretations of these little details because of their different life experiences.”

VR Tuoluo (Industy Media)

“A lot of people just walked in, probably thinking they were playing a game or solving a puzzle. But as you play, at some point you realize that there’s a moral behind this, there’s a deeper meaning behind this.”

Blow Your Mind (Podcast)

“The first time I went into HYPNOSIS REVERIES, into that virtual but lifelike world, I was a little bit excited and scared. It felt like the world that the hero of the movie SOUL suddenly fell into. I was excited about the new world before me, but I was afraid that I would not return to the real world that I had not prepared to leave.”

I AM (Cultural Media)


Jessien studied Architecture during undergraduate and postgraduate period. When he was studying at UCL, he began to create with VR as medium. Based on years of architectural research and the study of “Human Perception of Space”, he invented a set of highly experimental and pioneering spatial narrative methods including a national patented algorithm named “Interactive Redirected Walking”.