“I think HYPNOSIS REVERIES is a bold attempt to expand the VR application scene, at least the first time I have seen VR successfully integrated in the non-personal consumption field. If the creator is willing to add some ‘guidance part’ or ‘explanation part’ in the future, I feel that this work has the potential to become ‘a work that must be experienced to review the development history of VR’.”

XiMi  (VR Game Developer)

“After some discussion, it seems that this work can only be defined as ‘experience’. In such a form, the creator can visualize an experience and thinking of his life, peel himself off, and become an existence that can be examined. Perhaps only in this way can we realize the practical feeling of ‘being in control of ourselves’, rather than being transformed by some experience unconsciously. Rather than making choices and not knowing why, deconstruct yourself and live consciously.”

WeiZhao  (Audience on Douban)

“I think the biggest significance of HYPNOSIS REVERIES for audience is that it helps you to see your heart, to see yourself, to step out and look down on your values in the third person, and that’s enough.”

HuangTaoShan  (Audience on Douban)

“After experiencing the work, I couldn’t help but feel that the creator was an interesting artist. Guowei Wang, the Early Modern Scholar, believed that ‘without the self in it’ is a perfectly natural state of creation, without any need for fabrication or alteration; therefore, it represents the highest level of artistic excellence. The creator allows audiences to view his ‘Scene not involving the self’ with ‘Scene involving the self’. This is a work of philosophical significance.”

XiaoMeng Lin  (Student majoring in Digital Media)

“It’s nice to see this kind of work coming out, because it’s very experimental and contemporary in its form. I believe that HYPNOSIS REVERIES is worthy of being considered as a good work of art. It is full of metaphors in terms of content and leads the audience to think. Different audiences can relate to different plots. This work is like a mirror that makes you see yourself again.”

Zoe  (Artist)

“It’s an amazing moment when the scene spreads out. It’s a small world, but it folds and unfolds, and it feels like I am in the movie, Inception. I once thought it would be like an exhibition experience, with me on the outside and the story on the inside. But the story is like a cracked egg. I need to peel it off one by one with my own hands, only to find that I am inside the shell and there is another world outside. Those are some vague but still fresh memories, I saw a young man carrying two suitcases to go abroad alone, with bleeding wounds, but still with overflowing idealism to continue to try. These memories are usually like ghosts that haunt me but don’t show up, but this experience makes them show up and remind me of how I have been forged.”

Tim  (Entrepreneur)

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